Free Roofing Inspection

Estimates are essential before you initiate a repair plan.

Depending on the degree of degradation, roof repair estimates might vary significantly, therefore, the earlier you take care of your roof condition, the lower the budget you need to plan. If your roof is affected by severe damage and there is a chance the degradation process affects the building, you definitely need to take some measures. Roof repair estimates encompass several steps so that the projected costs successfully cover all the repair stages and materials.

The very first step is inspection

The best contractors usually offer a free roof inspection. If your roof is not severely affected by leakage problems and the repairs are superficial, you may be able to accomplish this task all by yourself. In the event that the roof has major deficiencies, you’ll need professional help. It is highly recommended to get expert’s advice so you will correctly establish roof repair estimates.  According to the inspection results, an expert estimates the costs for materials and repairs. In essence, roof repair estimates cover at least three different aspects (inspection, repair and materials). Very often, homeowners integrate roof estimates within larger budgets as they intend to repair and redecorate the entire residential building. As for this situation, you can save both time and money.

Check For The Best Contractor

The estimate is based on precise roof repairs , which are established depending on the information you convey or in accordance with the visual inspection the company’s representative chooses to accomplish. It is worth pointing out that all contractors prefer an inspection before establishing metal roof restoration plan or any roof repair estimates, simply because there is a risk of setting the prospective client on the wrong track about the final costs for their roof repair plan.

When It’s Time For A New Roof

Getting A New Roof

TMRC New RoofA new roof on your house can do a lot more than keep out the rain. You’ll be happily surprised at how much it can improve the appearance of the house. A new roof is like a fresh coat of paint on the outside walls: it helps make the house look fresh and new. So don’t think of a new roof as just a basic improvement that must be made to keep out the rain. The right color of roof will have added benefits. For example, a white or light-color roof reflects heat away from the house; so this is a good choice if you live in a very warm climate. A light-color roof can also make a small or low house seem larger, and a dark-color roof can make a tall house appear lower than it actually is.

Your Roof Is Not Optional

Don’t put off getting a new roof until the old one fails and begins leaking like a sieve. One of the mistakes we made after buying our house was to take the chance that the old asphalt shingles on the roof would last a good many more years. We didn’t even bother to check the roof carefully and went ahead and spent our money on other improvements. Then one day we had a bad wind and rain storm, and after the wind had finished ripping up those brittle old shingles, we had a dozen roof leaks. A neighbor of ours took a chance on a built-up flat roof, which started to leak right after he had finished decorating the walls and ceilings of the room below. The water ruined all his hard work. So if you are ready for a new roof, get it before you make any other improvements.

Regular Maintenance Will Extend The Life Of Your Roof

But be equally certain that you do need a new roof, because even a new roof can leak and small leaks can easily be repaired. Don’t be sold a new roof just because one or two asphalt shingles are torn or missing or improperly nailed wood shingles have come loose. And don’t let someone sell you a new roof when the real trouble is that the flashing around the roof valleys and chimney is at fault. Before you sign up for a new roof get a free roofing inspection from a reputable roofing contractor. New roofs cost money. Under more or less ideal conditions in which a minimum of preparation work is required, re-roofing a small house with standard-quality asphalt shingles will cost more than $10,000. When we added new roof to our house in 1972, the cost exceeded $14,000, and today that price would be a bargain. On the other hand, once a roof is at the end of its usefulness, there is no point in wasting time and money trying to patch it or in spending money on one of the so-called miracle coatings advertised by some outfits.

Even Experienced Roofers Occasionally Fall.

One way to determine if you need a new roof is by its age or its condition or both. The vast majority of houses built in the 1950s and early 1960s have roofs made of standard-quality asphalt shingles, and these are good for about fifteen years. Shingles used on the more expensive custom-built houses may have a life expectancy of up to twenty years. But if you have a typical development house and it’s more than fifteen years old, you are probably about due for a new roof. You can get a good idea of the condition of your roof having a free roofing inspection offered by some roofing contractors. This is a far better way than going up on the roof, because walking about on a roof is likely to damage the roofing material and there’s the real danger of falling. You can do a cursory check from the ground. Check the roof from the south side, which gets the most exposure from the sun and is likely to show the greatest signs of age. Look for areas where the protective mineral granules have disappeared from the surface of the shingles, exposing the black felt mat. You may also find accumulations of these granules at the base of the downspouts connected to the roof gutters. The loss of the granules means that the shingles have dried out and are becoming brittle. It is time to think about a new roof