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(209) 333-1116
300 W. Pine St. Lodi, CA 95240

Ford Construction Company, Inc.

Ford Construction specializes in heavy general engineering construction projects for clients throughout California and Nevada. With a reputation for integrity, quality of work, and fiscal responsibility, we are a leader in the field of heavy general engineering construction.

40 years of building America!

Want to work at Ford Construction?

Explore our Projects

Ford Construction Company, Inc. has demonstrated experience in a wide variety of heavy construction and general engineering projects.

  • We can demo infrastructure above and below ground, restoring a site as Mother Nature had originally intended. Our capabilities include demo-ing concrete and steel, and turning it into a reusable product.
  • We specialize in site work projects with unique construction challenges and have the proven experience to develop or expand a site and make site upgrades and repairs.
  • We work on dams and reservoirs of all sizes, from small dams for wineries to massive seismic retrofits. Our experience pertains mostly to earthen dam construction and roller-compacted concrete (RCC). Located just minutes from the California Delta, our proximity equips us to respond and support the State of California during
  • Our dewatering and sediment removal operations perform work throughout Northern California.
  • We work with waste companies to capture methane gas from landfills to convert to electricity, partner with wind energy producers to create infrastructure for windmills, and install electric turbines on dams to produce hydroelectric power.
  • With years of experience in environmental and wetland restoration, we restore natural habitats and clean up environmental or manmade disasters.
  • With our skilled management teams and modern equipment fleet, we have the expertise and capabilities required for efficient and cost effective landfill construction and landfill closures.
  • With our experienced crews, large fleet, and immediate access to aggregates, we can mobilize our emergency capability quickly to respond to crisis and stabilize damage.
  • Our preference is to literally move mountains to build virgin infrastructure in the middle of nowhere. However, we have had a large degree of success in building highways and airports in large metropolitan areas.
  • From small to massive structures, we offer experienced pipeline and utility construction. With a broad range of experience, our expert crew is ready for projects of any size and complexity
  • Our modern earthmoving fleet is built to handle large mine excavation projects, including mine overburden removal, heap leach pads, and mine reclamation. We provide custom aggregate crushing and screening for our customers, offering a wide range of options for on-site material processing.
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