Is Your Home Leak-Proof?

Spring and Fall Beings Big-Time Rain

The rainy winter season in Central Texas puts you to the test and often brings unexpected surprises in terms of water leaking into a home. One morning we wake up and find ourselves walking into a water puddle while on the way to making our morning coffee… What happened? A night full of rain caused water to intrude through the patio door. The culprit could either be poor insulation of the actual door or perhaps water in the backyard had backed up because old leaves had blocked the drain on the patio. We often don’t pay attention to the first little warning signs of water damage, a little here or there, as long as it can be wiped away with a towel we think we are fine. But ignoring such signs long term can cause bigger headaches, like structural damage to the house or mold growth. There are many reasons that can cause a water leak in your home. But serious water damage can be prevented by regularly inspecting your house.

Maintenance Saves Money

Here are some of the most common causes of leaks in homes:

  • Decks and Balconies. They are built nearly level, therefore making water run off very slowly.
  • Make sure drains are not blocked with leaves and other litter.
  • Blocked Pipes and Gutters. Prevent clogging so water can drain properly.
  • Skylights, Windows, and Patio Doors. Check for damaged caulking and make sure they are sealed properly. Give special attention to the corners.
  • Chimney and Fire Place.The flashing (the sheet metal that keeps the intersection between the chimney and roof watertight) can separate, making way for rainwater to enter the housing structure.
  • Roof. Old, damaged or worn out roofs give way to heavy rains entering your home. You should have your roof inspected annually.
  • Check for contractors who offer a Free Annual Roof Inspection Program.
  • Check for missing or cracked shingles and replace them. Check for clogged gutters.

Water in your home after all? React quickly.

Water does actually get into your home and you are worried about the damage it might have caused? ATEX water Damage Restoration has some water damage guidelines that you might want to follow. Stay calm, whether day or night quickly call a licensed Austin water restoration company. While waiting for them to arrive you might want to take care of any water you can clean away with mops or towels. Also think about moving any valuables to a safer higher place. (IMPORTANT)Don’t touch any plugged in electronics!

Some Statistics:

  • Water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States
  • Water damage claims account for $11 billion dollars in damages annually
  • The average cost of a water damage claim is $8,000
  • Up to 93% of the cost of water damage could have been prevented by the use of a shut-off system or water leak detection system.
  • Only 8% of all water damage to buildings is due to weather.